General information

The Department of Biological Chemistry is a fundamental department that belongs to medical and biological departments, and

The department is located in the building at Kulykivska Street, 12.

 The department was found by the initiative of doctor of biological sciences, professor A.M. Utevsky in 1938.

Currently, 11 lectures work at the department, including 3 doctors of sciences, professors – Kravchenko V.M., Maloshtan L.M. and Naboka O.I., 8 PhD, including 5 associate professors and 3 assistants. Two senior laboratory assistants take part in the educational process organisation.

Several disciplines are taught at the Biological Chemistry Department for students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of study in different fields of study and specialties:

  • «Biological Chemistry»;

  • «Clinical Biochemistry»;

  • «Biochemistry of Pathological Processes»;

  • «General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology»;

  • «General Biochemistry».

The Student Scientific Society annually enrolls about 20 students to conduct biochemical and pharmacological studies at the department.

Research work occupies one of the leading places in the department activities, the main directions of which currently include:

  • study of biological activity and some mechanisms of action of synthetic and natural compounds as potential medications;

  • study of acute and chronic toxicity of natural origin biologically active substances;

  • study of pathologies development biochemical mechanisms, which are accompanied by dyslipidemic conditions (stress, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, atherosclerosis), thyroid dysfunction and finding the ways of treatment;

  • biochemical criteria development for evaluation the biological activity of medications.

«Biological Chemistry» is included in the list of disciplines that are presented in the Integrated Test Exam «Krok 1» Pharmacy

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