KRAVCHENKO Ganna Borysivna

Ganna BorysivnaKRAVCHENKO Ganna Borysivna

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor,

Born on December 29, 1966 in Kharkiv to a family of civil servants. In 1983, she graduated from Kharkiv Secondary School № 3 with an in-depth study of English. In the same year, she entered the Kharkiv Pet Veterinary Institute, graduating with honors in 1988. In 1991, she started working at the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute as a senior laboratory assistant, which she combined with the position of assistant. Since 2002 – Assistant Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, and from 2003 to the present – Assistant Professor of the Department of Biochemistry. From 2006 to the present he has been acting Head of Department. In 2010, she defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences in the specialty “Biochemistry” on the topic “Effect of plant-derived antioxidants on the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds under conditions of neurogenic stress in rats”. He holds a diploma of the state standard, which gives the right to teach English in special subjects. He lectures and conducts laboratory, seminar and practical classes in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Takes part in carrying out laboratory classes in a practical-oriented course “Clinical Biochemistry” for foreign students 4-5 courses on a self-supporting basis. Ganna Kravchenko is a co-author of the textbooks Clinical Biochemistry (2005), Biomolecules – pharmaceuticals (2008), Journal for laboratory works on biochemistry (2009), Functional Biochemistry (2009), Biological Chemistry (2011) , Laboratory Manual on Biochemistry (2012), and others. He is constantly involved in the creation of work training programs in biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, functional biochemistry and biochemistry of pathological conditions for various specialties. He is a co-author of the typical curriculum courses: Biological Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry for the specialty Clinical Pharmacy, General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for the Pharmaceutical Technology specialty, and elective courses in Functional Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Ganna Kravchenko is constantly improving her professional level. In 1996 she completed the advanced training courses “Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education”, in 2012 – advanced training courses “Higher Education and the Bologna Process”. Ganna Kravchenko’s research was devoted to the study of hypoglycemic and antithyroid activity of synthetic compounds. Currently, the priority scientific area of ​​her research is the study of biochemical mechanisms of development of proatherogenic conditions and free radical pathologies. Ganna Kravchenko is a co-author of more than 70 scientific publications, four patents and two monographs “Perspectives of the use of natural antioxidants in the prevention of atherosclerosis” (2010), “Biologically active substances of grapes and health” (2012). In recent years, she has participated in a number of international conferences. Anna is a member of the International Scientific Organizations of the European Diabetes Study Association (EASD) and the International Biochemical Society (FEBS).


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