Student Scientific Society

Student Scientific Society
The department has a student scientific society (SSS), which unites more than 20 students who, under the guidance of teachers of the department perform research work, the results of which are presented at scientific and practical forums of various levels. SNT is supervised by assistant Lytkin Dmytro Vitaliyovych.

Areas of work of the SNT of the Department of Biological Chemistry (within the R & D of the National Pharmaceutical University of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Cellular and molecular mechanisms of development and correction of pathological conditions” 0115U000966):

  1. Research of biochemical mechanisms of development and study of ways of correction of metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and other conditions associated with insulin resistance syndrome and proatherogenic changes in lipid metabolism.

  2. Study of biochemical mechanisms of action of compounds of natural and synthetic origin as potential pharmacocorrectors.

  3. Experimental study of potential signaling kinase inhibitors, in particular JNK, responsible for the activation of apoptosis.

The participants   of the Department of Biological Chemistry SSS annually present the results of their research at plenary and sectional meetings within the Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation “Topical issues of new medicines development”, as well as at scientific forums of young scientists and students in other higher education institutions of Ukraine.


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