To Students

Dear students!
The discipline “Biological Chemistry”  is taught at the Department of Biological Chemistry for students according to 2 curricula:

  • 3rd year (faculty for the preparation of foreign citizens) specialty 226 “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” educational and professional program “Pharmacy for foreign students”, full-time education (5.0 years of study)

  • 2nd year (faculty for the preparation of foreign citizens), specialty 226 “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” for students with the educational qualification level “junior specialist” in the specialty “Pharmacy” and for people with the educational qualification level “junior specialist”, “bachelor” in Direction “Medicine”, full-time education (3 years 10 months of study)

  • All lectures in our department will be online according to the schedule you can find on the Educational portal of NUPh

 Final module control for groups Фм18*(5,0д)-01-02 will be on the 11 of January

Zoom link:

Identifier: 476 972 5952

Password: 2L8oxg


    From October, 19th   till  November, 15th  all classes will be held online on the Zoom platform.

    Use Zoom link below to join your class


    Dear students!

    The lectures and classes schedule can be checked on the Educational portal of NUPh

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